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Junior Golf Team

We take our junior golfers and support them through the '5 pillars of golf'. Technique, Fitness, Team, Coaching, and Mindset, all keys to handling the pressures of competitive golf and ensuring long term enjoyment of the game for years to come.


Preparing for success as a Team! Whether your dreams are pro golf, college golf, or just a love for the game, we provide a supportive nurturing, coaching enviroment that focuses on the journey and the process not just the end result of winning. Join Team CJGTA


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Fitness Team Mindset
Our coaches develop natural consistent golf swings which are designed for the individuals abilities, style and suits the young athletes physique

The body is what swings the golf club and will keep us playing this game. Strength, coordination, balance and mobility is key in long term development

Golf is a lonely sport and the CJGTA is altering this. The CJGTA will train, practice, and travel together which will teach accountability and teamwork. The CJGTA teaches our young athletes how to use the mind to overcome difficult situations, then convert that into positive goals to succeed

Junior Golf Team

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Canadian Junior Golf Training Academy

The CJGTAs primary focus is to guide your child into playing competitive high level golf with the support and understanding he or she needs to succeed

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